OpenStage 60 G HFA V3, ice blue

426.07 [ 515.55 incl. BTW ]

EAN code4050026030068


OpenStage 60 G HFA V3 ice blue
OpenStage 60 HFA V3 telephone for gigabit Ethernet connection, for

  • OpenScape Business V1R3
  • OpenScape Office V3R3.10
  • HiPath 3000 V9 R2.7
  • OpenScape 4000 V7R11, V7R0, V6R2.16 and V5R1


  • Adjustable color TFT display with 320×240 pixels resolution (QVGA format), back-lit
  • Visual incoming call indication
  • Dial-friendly pushbutton keypad
  • 6 fixed function keys
  • 8 programmable soft keys
  • 6 mode keys for special applications (e.g. Phone Book, Call Log, Message Waiting, Help)
  • “TouchSlider” for volume control
  • “TouchGuide” for easy navigation
  • Full duplex handsfree talking
  • Integrated 3-port gigabit Ethernet switch
  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Headset port
  • USB host port (master)
  • Option port for OpenStage Key Module 60

Delivery package:

  • OpenStage 60 Gigabit HFA (phone with factory-installed software)
  • Handset and cord
  • Documentation: Information and Important Operating Principles
  • Emergency number label
    The mains power adapter and LAN cable must always be ordered separately. A mains adapter is always required, unless Power over Ethernet (PoE) is possible: EU: CUC141 UK: CUC142 USA: CUC143
    Hint: The breakdown is shown without any royalty licences.

consisting of:1 S30817-S7403-B301 OpenStage 60 G HFA V3 iceblue
Product Usage:

OpenStage HFA phones
—> HiPath 3000 V9 config
—> HiPath 3000 V9 not config
—> HiPath 4000 V5
—> HiPath 4000 V6
—> OpenScape 4000 V7
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config
—> OpenScape Office V3 config
—> OpenScape Office V3 not config