Ascom Charging rack d43/d63/i63/d83 CR3-AAAD

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Advance with LAN connection

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Manufacturer Part Number: CR3-AAAD

Ascom charging device for simultaneous loading of 6 device d43/d63/i63/d81
Loading rack for DH5, DH6, DH7,

Model names and compatible handsets:

  • CR3-AAADCharging rack for Ascom d43, d63, d81, and d83 (Ethernet connection)
  • 1. Charging rack with Ethernet connection can be also used to charge Ascom i62/i63 handsets. However, charging rack without Ethernet connector is normally preferred because handset management and configuration of Ascom i62/i63 handsets is made via other methods.
  • CR3-ABAC Charging rack for Ascom d81, i62, DH3, DH4, DH5 and WH1, Charging only)
  • CR3-ABAD Charging rack for Ascom d43, d63, d81, i63, d83, DH5,DH6,DH7,WH1,WH2 (Charging only)
  • CR3-AAAD Charging rack DH5, DH6, DH7)
  • CR3-AAAA Charging rack d41/d62 (Phasing out)
  • CR3-AAAB Charging rack d81 (Phasing out)
  • CR3-AAAC Charging rack DH3, DH4 and DH5) (Phasing out)
  • CR3-ABAA Charging rack d41/d62/i62) Note! Replaced by CR3-ABAC (Phasing out)