Aastra BS342 (TDM) DECT basestation

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Aastra BS342 (TDM) DECT basestation

The BS342 is the standard solution for most business premises. Although typical indoor coverage is 30 m, actual coverage depends on factors such as the spacing of walls and the building materials used. The BS342 supports up to 8 simultaneous speech calls per base station. Remaining signaling capacity is reserved for DECT SMS messaging and alarm handling. Whilst the BS342 is primarily designed for indoor coverage, an outdoor housing is available for outdoor applications. Outdoor coverage is up to 300 m.
The BS342 comes with two external omnidirectional dipole antennas. These default antennas provide a spherical coverage pattern, other antennas are available as alternatives.


  • DECT interface.
  • Support up to 8 simultaneous speech calls per base station
  • Controlled and powered from the radio exchange board via two twisted pairs
  • Requires a minimum voltage of 21 V DC and maximum input voltage to the base station is 56 V DC
  • Power consumption 1.3 – 2 W
  • RF output power: 19 dBm – 24 dBm
  • Two external antennas
  • The radio coverage radius of the base station depends on the propagation characteristics and varie between 20 m and 300 m
  • Light as a feather (432 gramm incl. standard ext. antennas)
  • Can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, pole or beam