OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G Icon Black

321.30 [ 388.77 incl. BTW ]

EAN code4050026029734


OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G (key icons, black housing)
OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G SIP phone for OpenScape Voice V6, V7 R1 (and higher), OpenScape Office MX V3 R3 FR6 (and higher), OpenScape Business V1 (and higher), and Asterisk


  • Color: carbon black
  • Color backlit TFT display with 320×240 pixels resolution (QVGA)
  • 4 context-sensitive soft keys
  • 8 programmable function keys
  • 14 mode keys for special applications (e.g. phone book, call log, voice mail)
  • Keys with pictograms (icons) instead of text
  • +/- volume control keys
  • 4-way navigator with “OK”
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch
  • Visual incoming call indication
  • Full duplex handsfree talking
  • SIP standard (e.g., IETF RFC 3261)
  • LDAP client, personal contacts list, call log, XML-based application support
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Headset jack
  • USB master port
  • Option port for OpenScape Key Module 55
  • Built-in, adjustable stand

Delivery package:

  • OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G (phone with factory-installed software),
  • Handset and cord
  • Installation and Quick Reference Guide plus Quick Reference Card

Attention: OpenScape Desk Phone IP telephones for use with Asterisk-driven soft PBX systems need a project-specific approval for direct sales – please contact OSIRIS.
The mains power adapter and LAN cable must always be ordered separately. A mains adapter is always required, unless Power over Ethernet (PoE) is possible: EU: CUC141 UK: CUC142 USA: CUC143
Hint: The breakdown is shown without any royalty licences.

consisting of:1 S30817-S7702-A307 Desk Phone IP 55G, SIP icon-bl
Product Usage:

OpenScape Desk Phone IP
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config
—> OpenScape Office V3 config
—> OpenScape Office V3 not config
—> OpenScape Voice Packages V6 linear
—> OpenScape Voice Packages V7 config
—> OpenScape Voice Packages V7 linear
OpenScape Enterprise Express V7