Mitel 5610 IP Dect voet 51015390

125.00 [ 151.25 incl. BTW ]

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The IP DECT Stand acts as a DECT base station for the
cordless 5610 DECT Handset. It provides IP DECT to SIP.

gateway functionality.
*Supports up to eight handsets / three
simultaneous calls
*Supported across a range of IP Phones: Mitel 5312 /
5324 / 5320 / 5330 / 5340 / 5360 IP Phones
* Configurable via web configuration interface
*Provides web-based configuration utility which allows
installation and configuration
* 5610 DECT Handsets are firmware upgradable over
the air via the IP DECT Stand using the Web
Configuration Utility
*DECT-based design: DECT 6.0 cordless technology
provides higher quality voice transmission, density,
and less interference compared to Bluetooth