Yealink KM-40 expansion module – EXP40 refurbished

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Yealink KM-40 expansion module – EXP40

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Yealink KM-40 expansion module – EXP40 refurbished

Expansion module with LCD and double LED function keys. Applicable to Yealink 48S, 46S, 48G and 46G – expandable with a total of 40 programmable buttons.

Properties YeaLink EXP40:
– 20 fixed keys with 2 functions each
– Clear LCD display with 160 × 320 resolution
– BLF support with red and green LED
– Link up to 6 modules together
– Adjustable stand, wall mountable

The YeaLink EXP40 has a total of 10 buttons on either side of the LCD screen. You can give these buttons a double function using the two buttons below the screen. For example, it is possible to assign a total of 40 functions to these buttons.

For example, you can program the 20 keys with speed dial keys for your colleagues. Thanks to BLF support, the buttons can light up in green or red so that you can immediately see when a colleague is talking.

It is possible to link a total of 6 of these expansions together. If you use more than 2 expansions you must use a separate power supply for the extra expansions.