Polycom VoiceStation 300 conference phone

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Polycom VoiceStation 300 conference phone

Polycom Voice Station 300 is an entry-level conference phone for small offices and groups of up to 4 people. Full duplex audio technology makes it possible to process multiple voices at the same time without interrupting the sound.

Features Polycom Voice Station 300:

    Simple conference phone for analog phone
Suitable for conference calls in groups up to 4 persons
Full duplex audio for optimum sound quality
Noise canceling microphones filter unwanted noise
360 degree audio pickup, you do not speak toward the microphone

Simple but professional conference phone
Gather in groups of up to 4 people with professional audio quality need not be expensive. A conference phone is better
than a simple speakerphone function in a telephone set. You do not need a conference phone no longer towards the
extension to speak and can keep a greater distance between you and the machine.

The Polycom VoiceStation 300 is a simple but professional conference phone designed for people who just step
to go beyond the speakerphone function on a telephone. Just a quick conference calls without
direction have to shout the phone.

Polycom Voice Station 300 is best suited in smaller meeting rooms with a maximum of 4 users.
On the back is a connector to connect a PC or mobile phone with a cable to the conference unit also
can use to gather in a GSM or VoIP call.

Noise canceling microphones and full duplex audio
The built-in noise canceling microphones in the Polycom Voice Station 300 provide good filtering of unwanted
ambient sounds. The focus should be on ensuring that the voice and the special microphones whatsoever for.

Thanks to full duplex audio technology can speak several people at once without the connection fails or goes falter.
With Polycom Voice Station 300 4 people can talk simultaneously without the call quality will suffer