Patton Smartnode 4638 VoIP Gateway 5 x BRI

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Patton SmartNode 4638 VoIP Gateway 5 x BRI

sn / 4638 / 5a / onion hw version 1.5
The Patton SmartNode 4638 is an ISDN BRI VoIP gateway with five connections for 8 simultaneous voice channels. The SmartNode 4638 supports H.323 and SIP.

The SmartNode 4638 is a multi-port ISDN VoIP gateway proven leader SmartNode VoIP product family. Available 5 BRI / So port configurations fit the needs of small and medium enterprises to connect looking for an efficient way to network PBX systems on multiple sites or a site to connect to a hosted VoIP solution.

The extra BRI port solves many problems with VoIP network integration of real-world installations. This port can synchronize the gateway and provides an error-free ISDN data and fax transmission, and it can be used as a relapse or local breakoutport for optimized call routing and riskfree operation.

Like every SmartNode, the 4630 Series models, state-of-the-art VoIP gateways. Use the SmartNode as CPE or broadband router and you can take advantage of the leading Quality of Service (QoS). The Patton SmartNode 4638 offers an unmatched sound quality for each IP phone in the market.
SmartNode products provide seamless integration with the network, continuous trouble-free operation and cost effective deployment to protect your investments for the future.

Applications – Network Integration:
The SmartNode 4638 provides excellent VoIP and IP QoS features for seamless network integration. All BRI ports can be configured in TE or NT mode, so you can add telco line (s) as well as to connect a PBX or ISDN terminal. . ISDN terminals can be powered by the built-in power supply, thus eliminating the need for an external box.