Mitel 5550 IP Console

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Product Description

The Mitel ® 5550 IP Console is a PC operator (econsole and administration application for the Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) .The Mitel5550 IP Console combines an intuitive desktop interface with a special keypadallowing you to easily numbers can choose and quick access to the control functions and the various CPI functions.


The use of Call feature allows attendants able to monitor up to 5,000 extensionsor lines on a single 3300 ICP or on a cluster or network of 3300 ICPs.
The list of incoming calls provides an overview of all incoming calls so that calls can telephone operators to prioritize and enable them to adapt their greetings on the basis of the information displayed line ..
The direct station selection function enables telephone operators able to answerphones and passing to process callers more efficiently.
The improvements made in the function Calls on hold telephone operatorsprovide additional information to enable them to handle calls more efficiently.
A special keypad for dialingcall handling and gaining access to features and applications.
Highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that displays the status of calls and call handling instructions on the screen ensures that operations can be performed simply by pointing and clicking
One-button access to programmable key functions.
Twelve programmable keys for one-touch access to commonly used features and services.
Six keys for call handlingso that they can be managed in an intuitive way.
An electronic note pad for taking notes and storing speed dialing numbers.
An electronic bulletin board for displaying messages to all attendants to the system using 5550 IP Console.
A key for the retrieval of calls that were routed to the wrong extension.
Diverting calls to voicemail with one button.
The Call Answering Priority feature makes it possible to transfer calls based on the longest waiting time or origin.
Threshold calls waiting function allows to divert incoming calls to other consolesto reduce waiting times.
A comprehensive feature set for application of the console in the hotel industry.
Language support for English, French, Spanish, DutchItalian and Portuguese.
Dual handset / headset for monitoring or training new attendants.
Customizable keypad and handset cradle for right- or left-handed operators.
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