KPN Alcatel 4028 ip touch toestel

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4028 IP Touch phone used phone
General features:

New design, including all necessary keys: messages, mute and redial
Reach people quickly by voice dialing
Use the handset or a headset or hands-free call, obviously with the same sound quality
Make the appropriate phone with your own business, it‘s easy with the headphones
Easy to install and maintain


Customizable black and white display
4 soft keys
alphabetic keyboard
Navigation structure as in GSM
Best quality loudspeakers and microphones
handsfree possibility
Comfortable phone handset with soft grip and more performance for people with a hearing impairment
Suspension system for the headset
Compatible with any XML application
2 Ethernet Ports
In accordance with the world standard IEEE.802.1af
Additional software is available for download
Suitable for OmniPCX
KPN and Alcatel label label
3 months warranty.