Bosch atus LBB 6730/01 Base Station

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Bosch atus LBB 6730 01 Base Station

product Features
▶ Supports 4 simultaneously DECT voice channels
(32 kbit / s)
Simple 2-wire connection to the DECT6000
No local power supply required
▶ Dual antenna guarantees the best reception

Basic Functions
easy installation
The base station is connected to the DECT6000
Central (DCU) via a single twisted pair cable up
2000 m may be long. The cable provides not only the
communication, but also the power to the base station,
making installation much easier.
The base station can by means of a bracket to the
be wall mounted.
The base station can be 4 simultaneous DECT traffic channels at
32 kbit / s to accept. The interface between the base station
and DCU has a capacity of 160 kbit / s,
communication guarantees high quality.
Frame synchronization is performed via the DCU.