Avaya 3720 IP DECT handset

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Avaya 3720 IP DECT handset

Note the concern the use of new devices that are not distinguishable.

The Avaya IP DECT is responding to the growing demand for high quality telephony, combined with an IP infrastructure for voice.

Avaya DECT R4 is Avaya‘s newest solution for customers who need a stable wireless solution with a large coverage area, or even over the WAN in multiple locations. It is optionally even possible to connect the system to the central address book, you have the option of sending text messages as between handsets or an external application.

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT phone works on the new DECT R4 protocol. The phone has an internal memory for 250 phone numbers. In addition, the Avaya 3720 has an LCD graphic display, headphone jack, and the device supports 5 languages. Also this Avaya has handsfree speaker, rumble feature and a standby time up to 180 hours.