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Siemens Optiset E Memory Phone

The Siemens Optiset E Memory telephone is compatible with the HiCom range of telephone systems only and is the most advanced telephone in the Optiset range. It is suitable for use as a high-power executive phone or as an attendant telephone. Like the Optiset E Advance Plus, the Optiset E Memory telephone has twelve programmable function keys with LEDs, message waiting lamp, open listening, volume control and key module support via the two additional adapter sockets which allow four key modules to be attached, each consisting of sixteen feature keys with LEDs. In addition the Optiset E Memory telephone has an electronic notebook (ENB) for which the alphanumeric keypad can be used for storing up to 300 contact details, and for ease of use the LCD display has been extended to 8×24 character lines.

Part Number for the Siemens Optiset E Memory Phone in black is S30817-S7008-A108

Siemens have replaced the Optiset telephones with their OptiPoint range. However Siemens Optiset telephones are still used all over the world with Siemens HiPath and HiCom telephone systems. At MF communications we can supply fully tested remanufactured and re-boxed Optiset E Memory telephones with a full warranty.

Key Features of the Siemens Optiset E Memory Phone

  • Doubles as either a high-power executive phone or attendant phone
  • optiGuide navigation keys
  • 12 feature keys with LEDs
  • Two-way optiVoice speakerphone
  • Two volume-control keys
  • Electronic notebook allows you to store up to 300 names, addresses, and phone and fax numbers
  • Oversized 8-line x 24-character display
  • Two Easy-Add Adapter bays
  • Supports up to four Siemens Optiset E Key Modules