Quescom 200 gsm gateway

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QuesCom 200

The QuesCom 200 Appliance is ideal for companies who have an average of 20 to 50 people per site. It is compatible with additional software to deliver Enterprise One Number solutions for up to 100 users. It is connected to the PBX either in IP or ISDN.

Quescom 200

2x GSM, ISDN, VoIP, Fast Ethernet

Quescom 200.

Ethernet LAN,
data-overdrachtsnelheden: 10, 100 Mbit/s. GSM bands supported: 900,
1800, 850, 1900 MHz. Ondersteunde network protocollen: TCP/IP.
Beheerprotocollen: SNMP. Gewicht: 1.5 kg, Afmetingen (BxDxH): 425 x 210 x
44 mm

Productivity Booster for SMBs & Branch Offices
to small enterprises, the QuesCom 200 fits easily into your telephony
architecture, and contributes to your business success.
Connected to your IP-PBX, it provides new services to reduce your phone bill and improve productivity.
Be reachable all the time, no matter which phone device you use.
Combine all your voice, fax and