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porta dial Door Phone with one button and is completely renewed in design. This Porta Dial can be used at the entrance of your office or at home as access control system. Furthermore, this Door Phone can be used to provide people with access doors, fences, gates and barriers (such as a cargo or passenger).

NOTE: This is the replacement and also the successor to the Porta Dial Type 1

Article code 30031010S01
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Front panel: 109x229x33
Sparingsmaat: 97x195x33

condition New

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Advitronics Porta Dial Type S01

This door phone with one push button is the standard door phone from Porta Dial range. Due to its excellent sound quality, high quality calls can be made. This door phone is connected to two-wire, and can be applied to the following Interface‘s:

     Interface Type 2
     Interface Type 3
     Interface Type 3SIP
     Interface Type 4
     Interface Type 5
     Interface Type 6
     Interface Type 6SIP
     Interface Type 7

By default, this door phone comes as a built model. Because there can be ordered from a stainless steel build-up edge can be placed in the correct manner, for example, against a wall. For this there are two building edges are available namely a sandblasted and brushed building edge. There is also available an installation frame. This example already set the contractor. The door phone can then at a later time without any problems in assembled.