Panasonic KX-T7565

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Panasonic KX-T7565

Multiple parties can talk with each other simultaneously. In any case, one of these however, must be an external call. The software in the telephone system determines how many calls can be connected simultaneously.

Handsfree / Open listening
The speakerphone allows you to talk and listen with the handset. If you are talking through the handset, others may listen to the call by the hands free key. This will then activate the open listening function.

Message waiting indicator
Indicated by an LED on the unit, there is a message waiting (if a Voice Processing System is connected)

Two-color LED
Thanks to the two-color LED indication is direct visual visualized what trunks / appliances are busy (RED), or the line / device which itself spoke to (GREEN).

Other useful features

Automatic dialing;
Automatically answer an internal call;
Headphone jack;

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